Top Secrets To Booking Cheap Flights

Did you know there’s a team of people at Flightlayaway dedicated to finding cheap flights and telling you, our members, about them? Yes, it’s pretty much a dream job. And yes, they use every single one of their vacation days. Collectively, our team has flown over 2 million miles. We’ve rounded up their smartest tips to help save you time and money when booking airfare.

1. DO search for tickets one at a time.

Even if you’re flying with a group. Airlines often sell multiple fare classes at different prices, with a couple seats in each class. If there’s only one seat left in the lowest fare class and you search for four seats, most automated systems will show you the highest fare class for all four tickets. Try searching one at a time, just in case there are limited seats on sale. This way, you’ll rest assured that at least some, if not all, of your tickets were purchased for the lowest possible price. If you lock in the cheap fare and have the option to selec…


We believe travel should be attainable and affordable for everyone. Now you can finance your airline tickets purchased on Flightlayaway through a simple and quick monthly payments feature with no hidden fees, gimmicks or catches. We’ve partnered with an innovative financial services company called Affirm to make it possible for customers. Choose to spread the cost of your holiday easy to manage installments with fly now pay later.

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Once you have found your dream holiday simply click the submit button on the checkout page and apply for an account. You're seconds away from booking your next trip!

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Keeping on top of any credit account can be tough, but fly now pay later's 'My Account' portal lets you see all the elements of your account quickly and easily.

What's the catch?

Simply put, ther…

Cruise Hacks & Tips To Save Money

Make the most of your next cruise vacation with these cheap and easy tips to save money.
Book with a highly knowledgeable cruise specialist

The more your travel agent can tell you about your ship and the destinations it will be visiting, the better informed you’ll be when it comes to making decisions such as room choice, food packages and day trips.

Pinpoint the most convenient cabin location

Locate the areas of the ship where you believe you will be spending most of your time and then look for the closest room that suits your budget. If it’s an easy walk from your room to the pool area or dining room, you’ll spend less time having to wait for elevators.

Know when to book your flights

If you need to fly to your cruise departure point, book early, but not too early. Motto suggests the ideal time for booking flights is 45-60 days before departure. This changes if traveling during the school holidays or peak travel times, when booking early is essential.
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If you know the…

Affordable Payment Plans For Family Vacation

When most people think about layaway payment plans, they usually think about toys under a Christmas tree. The secret that most families don’t realize is that vacation layaway payment options can also be a solution for trying to figure out how to pay for a family vacation.

So how does it work?

Plan Ahead: Hotels and airlines post their rates about 300 days in advance. Most people won’t remember that number. Technically cruise lines and theme parks post their availability and rates even sooner. The point here is that in order to create affordable monthly payments, you need to give yourself plenty of time.

Make a Deposit: Most cruise ships and flight require a small deposit to put your vacation on hold and confirm your trip. It all depends on the specific circumstances of your trip.

Set up a Monthly Payment Schedule: Most Flight and the cruise lines require your vacation to be paid in full about 60-45 days prior to your arrival. The balance of your trip can be divided into installment paym…


Start planning your next trip today, knowing that you have secured the flight you want.
By paying a small deposit upfront, you can rest assured that your flights, accommodation and tours are fully booked and you won’t have to pay the remaining balance until closer to the time. As all of our vacation deposit programs are completely interest-free, you don’t need to worry about being charged the extortionate rates associated with loans and credit cards. So all that’s left to do is get excited about your next trip!Book Now, Pay Later may be available for international fares and domestic Fully Flexible and Business Class fares, as well as domestic with Max bundle fares. The availability of Book Now, Pay Later and the length of time you have to pay will depend on your fare conditions and time until departure.
To make your travel planning easier and more comfortable, the option allows you to book your flight, without any immediate payment. You can then make the payment at a later date, within …

Flightlayaway Will Make Your Trip The Perfect!

There is a myth about people who live in places with all the site attractions. The assumption is always that they have visited these site attractions so many times that they no longer notice it. However, just like the saying about the one who lives beside the church always being late for service, those who live besides the best site attraction may have never been there before.
While this may sound appealing to those who have to travel long distances to come and visit these site attractions, it shouldn’t be. Because, as we speak, the traveler who has managed to travel round the world to get to a certain destination may have also left a beautiful site attraction behind their house. For such people who live besides beautiful site attractions, the problem they may be facing is the fact that they believe it will always be there and they can find time to visit when they want. Unfortunately, they get that time and the days just while away. If you are planning to book cheap flight, you must ch…

Get Cheap Cruise Deals - Flightlayaway

Knowing where and when to search for the best cruise deals could mean the difference between unearthing that low fare or compromising on price and itinerary.

You probably have a tried-and-true method of searching for cheap cruises. Perhaps you wait for missives from your trusty travel agent, or maybe you're a tiger when it comes to prowling the Internet for low fares. You might book your cruise right when the brochure is first published, or you might bide your time until two weeks before sailing. But have you explored all possible ways of nabbing that steal?

Let us share some of our favorite tips for finding cruise deals. While some might be old hat, others may catch you by surprise. Use them all, and you'll be ready to pounce on that cheap cruise when the right promotion comes along.

Keep an Eye on Boutique and Daily Deal Sites: If you love creative couponing, add cruises to the list of things you can find discounts for at boutique and daily deal sites.
Bundle It Up: A number of …